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Nature Macmillan Publishers Ltd 1998 Cerling et al. reply --Khler et al. suggest

Summary: Nature © Macmillan Publishers Ltd 1998
Cerling et al. reply -- Köhler et al. suggest
that phenomena other than floral change
may be involved in the late Miocene global
vegetation change, such as monsoonal
dynamics or unnamed "other factors". Cit-
ing evidence from Spain and Pakistan, they
do not believe that there is necessarily a
synchronicity or a causal link between fau-
nal and vegetation change in the late
Miocene epoch. However, on the contrary,
it seems highly unlikely that a vegetation
change on the scale documented1
would be
uncorrelated with faunal change.
Widespread faunal change in the late
Miocene epoch was recognized7,10­12
before the carbon-isotope shift was identi-


Source: Alencar, Adriano Mesquita - Departamento de Física Geral, Universidade de São Paulo


Collections: Physics