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3\22\07 OR 3\32\07 Christopher's NOTES

Summary: MY NOET
3\22\07 OR 3\32\07
Christopher's NOTES
I'v bin in the car for a lot of time. I saw ded tings, too. It is 11:41 AM now. We are still in the car. The
clock is not 11:41. Me & the famlly are still in the car. I saw a big, big bloe bird. I am mad! I can hear a
dud singen, too. I will put my shoos on now. I can see a casino. It's 12:00 AM now. I see a Lot of threes.
12:00 AM is noe moer. I see a Lake, too. Now I do not. I will eat now. I'm dun. My MoM is asleep. I'd go
to slee, but I will not. I see toy furby. It is 12:28 now. I am sleeppee. Can I go to sleep? yes! will I? no. I
see a big bag. I see moer threes. I will play with a tamagotchi. I am dun. Oh on. It is 12:44 AM now. I'm
still in the car!! I see cows. I see moer. Grass, threes, cows, and moer. Thats what I see. Cows! I need a
rest. Moer threes. I can see a cup. I am still in the car. We just went over a brij. My famlly is bord. I am,
too. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
(sketch of hand playing with a Tamagotchi against backdrop of car window, through which can be seen
creatures -- cows? roadkill? -- tree, sun, and cloud.)


Source: Albert, John - Department of Mathematics, University of Oklahoma


Collections: Mathematics