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Reasoning about Hierarchical Storage Amal Ahmed Limin Jia David Walker

Summary: Reasoning about Hierarchical Storage
Amal Ahmed Limin Jia David Walker
Princeton University
In this paper, we develop a new substructural logic that
can encode invariants necessary for reasoning about hier-
archical storage. We show how the logic can be used to
describe the layout of bits in a memory word, the layout
of memory words in a region, the layout of regions in an
address space, or even the layout of address spaces in a
multiprocessing environment. We provide a semantics for
our formulas and then apply the semantics and logic to the
task of developing a type system for Mini-KAM, a simpli-
fied version of the abstract machine used in the ML Kit with
1 Introduction
The problem of establishing that programs allocate, ini-
tialize, use and deallocate memory safely has plagued pro-
gramming language researchers for decades. Moreover, the


Source: Ahmed, Amal - School of Informatics, Indiana University
Princeton University, Department of Computer Science, Secure Internet Programming,


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences