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Quantum Work Relations and Response Theory David Andrieux and Pierre Gaspard

Summary: Quantum Work Relations and Response Theory
David Andrieux and Pierre Gaspard
Center for Nonlinear Phenomena and Complex Systems, Universite´ Libre de Bruxelles,
Code Postal 231, Campus Plaine, B-1050 Brussels, Belgium
(Received 19 March 2008; published 13 June 2008)
A universal quantum work relation is proved for isolated time-dependent Hamiltonian systems in a
magnetic field as the consequence of microreversibility. This relation involves a functional of an arbitrary
observable. The quantum Jarzynski equality is recovered in the case this observable vanishes. The Green-
Kubo formula and the Casimir-Onsager reciprocity relations are deduced thereof in the linear response
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.100.230404 PACS numbers: 05.30.ÿd, 05.70.Ln
Nonequilibrium work relations have recently attracted
much interest [1,2]. They provide relations for the work
dissipated in time-dependent driven systems, indepen-
dently of the form of the driving. They are of great interest
to evaluate free energies under general nonequilibrium
conditions and they provide new methods to study nano-
systems. In the nanoscopic world, the extension of these
classical relations to quantum systems is of particular
importance and different approaches have been proposed.


Source: Andrieux, David - Service de Physique Non-Linéaire and Mécanique Statistique, Université Libre de Bruxelles


Collections: Physics; Biology and Medicine