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Accreditation & Continuous Improvement Committee Meeting Minutes: January 17, 2006

Summary: Accreditation & Continuous Improvement Committee Meeting
Minutes: January 17, 2006
Attendees: Eve Riskin (Chair), Jim Borgford-Parnell (CELT), Monica Duke (CSE), Rick Gustafson (PSE), Brad Holt
(CHEM E), Tom Horbett (BIO), Don Janssen (CEE), John Kramlich (ME), Uy-Loi Ly (AA), Fumio Ohuchi (MSE),
Ming-Ting Sun (EE), Janice Henderson (CoE)
Absent: Lucien Brush (MSE), Carl Ebeling (CSE), Karen Kasonic (TC), Richard Storch (IND E), Eric Stuve (CHEM
Guests: Mani Soma (Acting Dean) and Dawn Wiggin (Co-op)
Mani Soma is an ABET Evaluator. He attended this meeting and gave his views on some of the items discussed today.
Mani can help if specific questions arise about ABET evaluations.
Allowing Co-op Credits to Count for Graduation
Feedback from co-op employers could be used to assess educational objectives.
OEA meets with seniors to identify the least and most successful outcomes
ChemE, EE, and the College of Forest Resources (CFR) are very pleased with the services provided by the Center for
Instructional Development & Research (CIDR). ChemE has a mandatory senior design class that CIDR evaluates.
ACTION: Rick Gustafson will send a sample CIDR report of a CFR program to Janice
Henderson for distribution to the ACI.
Report from Ethics meeting
A list of ways to take care of the ethics requirement was provided. CELT can help faculty with evaluation processes.
All of the methods need to be paired with assessing if the student can apply the ethics to engineering. An example of


Source: Anderson, Richard - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington at Seattle


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences