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Results vs complexity for context independent and dependent models

Summary: Results vs complexity for context independent and
dependent models
Ingunn Amdal
Telenor Research and Development, Instituttveien 23, N-2007 Kjeller, Norway
E-mail: Ingunn.Amdal@fou.telenor.no
Presentation for the COST 249 meeting in Zurich October 17{18 1996
This paper addresses the problem of speaker-
independent connected natural number recog-
nition over telephone lines. Increasing the vo-
cabulary from digits (0{9) to natural numbers
(0{99) introduces many new problems, some of
them language-speci c. Our rst step was to
use standard methods to achieve the best re-
sults before manual inspection of the remaining
errors. We have compared context independent
phoneme and word models to context depen-
dent phoneme models with both word internal
and word external context. For real-time ap-
plicationscomplexity is important, the compar-


Source: Amdal, Ingunn - Department of Electronics and Telecommunications, Norwegian University of Science and Technology


Collections: Engineering