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Endourethral MRI Harald H. Quick,1

Summary: Endourethral MRI
Harald H. Quick,1
Jean-Michel Serfaty,1
Harpreet K. Pannu,1
Rene Genadry,2
Christopher J. Yeung,3
and Ergin Atalar1,3*
Although high-resolution MRI with phased array pelvic, endo-
rectal, and endovaginal coils has dramatically enhanced the
ability to visualize abnormalities of the female urethra and peri-
urethral tissues, controversy still remains about the anatomy of
this region. This study introduces an endourethral approach for
ultra-high-resolution MRI of the female urethra and the periure-
thral tissues. To this end, two different radiofrequency (RF)
receiver coil designs for an endourethral insertion have been
developed: a single-loop coil and a phased array/quadrature
coil. Both designs feature a flexible coil circuit, small loss tuning
and matching directly at the coil, active decoupling, and the
integration of a /4 coaxial choke to decrease unbalanced cur-
rents and limit potential RF heating effects. Effective reduction


Source: Atalar, Ergin - Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Bilkent University


Collections: Engineering; Biology and Medicine