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Coral Reefs(2003\ 22: l-9 DOI I0.1007/s00338-002-0270-5

Summary: Coral Reefs(2003\ 22: l-9
DOI I0.1007/s00338-002-0270-5
Gomparativespatialecologyof fishedspinylobstersPanulirusargas
andanunfishedcongenerP.guttatusin anisolatedmarinereserve
at Glover'sReefatoll,Belize
Received:26 March 2001/Accepted: l5 September2002/ Publishedonline: 5 December2002
@ Springer-Verlag 2002
Abstract Palinurid lobstersare being exploited with in-
creasingintensity in coral reef ecosystems,but marine
protected areas may play a key role in preventing
overfishingand local extinctions.In order to define the
spatial requirements for protection, we compared the
spatial and temporal patterns in distribution, density,
biomass,sizestructure,and reproductiveseasonalityof
Caribbean spiny lobsters Panulirus argus and the con-
generic spotted lobsters P. guttatu.son coral patch reef,
forereef,and deep reef habitat at Glover's Reei Belize.
The relative impact of fishing on P. argus was also ex-
amined in an isolatedmarine reserveand adjacentfished
habitats, in comparison with the relatively unfished


Source: Acosta, Charles A. - Department of Biological Sciences, Northern Kentucky University


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology