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Belief Propagation for Improved Color Assessment in Structured Light

Summary: Belief Propagation for Improved Color Assessment in
Structured Light
Christoph Schmalz1,2
and Elli Angelopoulou1
Pattern Recognition Lab, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany
Siemens CT T HW 2, Munich, Germany
Abstract. Single-Shot Structured Light is a well-known method for acquiring
3D surface data of moving scenes with simple and compact hardware setups.
Some of the biggest challenges in these systems is their sensitivity to textured
scenes, subsurface scattering and low-contrast illumination. Recently, a graph-
based method has been proposed that largely eliminates these shortcomings. A
key step in the graph-based pattern decoding algorithm is the estimation of color
of local image regions which correspond to the vertex colors of the graph. In this
work we propose a new method for estimating the color of a vertex based on
belief propagation (BP). The BP framework allows the explicit inclusion of cues
from neigboring vertices in the color estimation. This is especially beneficial for
low-contrast input images. The augmented method is evaluated using typical low-
quality real-world test sequences of the interior of a pig stomach. We demonstrate


Source: Angelopoulou, Elli - Department of Computer Science, Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen Nürnberg


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences