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RESEARCH ARTICLE Velocity and potential vorticity fields measured by altimetric

Velocity and potential vorticity fields measured by altimetric
imaging velocimetry in the rotating fluid
Y. D. Afanasyev P. B. Rhines E. G. Lindahl
Received: 19 July 2007 / Revised: 14 May 2009 / Accepted: 14 May 2009
Springer-Verlag 2009
Abstract An optical method of altimetric imaging
velocimetry (AIV) for measuring the slope of the surface
elevation in the rotating fluid with free surface is described.
This method allows one to obtain the major dynamical
fields in the fluid layer including velocity, vorticity and
surface elevation. When used in combination with the
Optical Thickness method the AIV can be used to render
the full dynamical characteristics of a two-layer flow. Both
methods allow one to achieve very high spatial resolution
by rendering a velocity vector in each pixel of the image.
An example of the two-layer source-driven flow on a
c-plane (also called polar b-plane) is offered to demon-
strate the application of these methods. This ``b-plume' is a
gyre-like response to a point source of fluid, including


Source: Afanassiev, Iakov - Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Rhines, Peter B.- School of Oceanography & Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Washington at Seattle


Collections: Geosciences