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Workplace rants on social media are headache for companies

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Workplace rants on social media are
headache for companies
By Stephanie Chen, CNN
May 12, 2010 12:48 p.m. EDT
Compliance firms say more companies complain about work rants on social media
2009 survey: Quarter of firms surveyed disciplined workers over social media gaffes
Posting work gripes on Facebook could be grounds for firing, employment attorneys say
Managers should be careful about invading privacy when monitoring work rants
Facebook Inc.
Twitter Inc.
(CNN) -- One by one, the office Casanova dated several of his female co-workers at a small
technology firm in California. His dating escapades turned public -- and problematic -- when he
chronicled his opinions of the women on Facebook.
He called one co-worker "a snore" before the updates spiraled into explicit comments.
When his manager learned about the Facebook updates, chaos ensued. One woman who was the
subject of his offensive comments believed she had been sexually harassed at work.
This scenario can be a manager's nightmare, and it's happening more frequently with the growing


Source: Amaral, Luis A.N. - Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Northwestern University


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