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Two Maps on One Surface Dan Archdeacon

Summary: Two Maps on One Surface
Dan Archdeacon
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Vermont
Burlington, VT, USA 05405
C. Paul Bonnington
Department of Mathematics
University of Auckland
Auckland, New Zealand
Two embeddings of a graph in a surface S are said to be \equiv-
alent" if they are identical under an homeomorphism of S that is
orientation-preserving for orientable S. Two graphs cellularly embed-
ded simultaneously in S are said to be \jointly embedded" if the only
points of intersection involve an edge of one graph transversally cross-
ing an edge of the other. The problem is to nd equivalent embeddings
of the two graphs that minimize the number of these edge-crossings;
this minimum we call the \joint crossing number" of the two graphs.


Source: Archdeacon, Dan - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Vermont


Collections: Mathematics