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Geographic Information Science (GIS) and Technology Research UCSB is a leader in the development of geographic information science (GISc), which is the area of

Summary: Geographic Information Science (GIS) and Technology Research
UCSB is a leader in the development of geographic information science (GISc), which is the area of
academic research behind the development, use, and application of mapping, geographic information
systems (GIS), GPS (the Global Positioning System), satellite-based remote sensing, and other
technologies. It is concerned with how people, hardware, software, and geospatial data interact, and
how these tools can be made more useful in a host of applications, which range from general scientific
investigations in the social and environmental sciences to resource management, military operations,
and wayfinding. As one of the founding leaders in GISc, UCSB has numerous centers and facilities
that address this exciting and rapidly developing research area, as well as the necessary high-tech
Centers and Facilites for GISc at UCSB include:
Center for Spatial Studies (spatial@UCSB)
With the 2008 inauguration of Spatial@ucsb, the campus now hosts one of the
world's leading centers devoted to the possibilities of analyzing, understanding,
and describing the world in multiple dimensions. The Center for Spatial Studies
offers new capacity for growth through its strong existing programs and facilities.
Spatial@UCSB as encompasses:
National Center for Geographic Information Analysis:


Source: Akhmedov, Azer - Department of Mathematics, University of California at Santa Barbara


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