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INTRODUCTION The visual system must solve a number of

The visual system must solve a number of
binding problems in order to achieve accurate
perception of the world around us (e.g., Treisman,
1996). In particular, the problem of combining
color, shape and other surface features into objects
has received considerable attention (for a review
see Wolfe and Cave, 1999). According to Feature
Integration Theory (FIT) proposed by Treisman and
Gelade (1980), spatial attention is crucial for
binding such features. Indeed, under conditions of
divided attention features may be incorrectly
combined and produce illusory conjunctions, e.g., a
red X and a green O may be perceived as a green
X and a red O (Treisman and Schmidt, 1982).
Neuropsychological studies of patients with spatial
deficits support FIT by demonstrating the
prevalence of illusory conjunctions when spatial
attention is disrupted (for a review see Robertson,
1999). Perhaps most striking of those is the case of


Source: Agrawala, Maneesh - Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, University of California at Berkeley


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences