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Boundary layer control of rotating convection Eric M. King1

Summary: LETTERS
Boundary layer control of rotating convection
Eric M. King1
, Stephan Stellmach2
{, Jerome Noir1
, Ulrich Hansen2
& Jonathan M. Aurnou1
Turbulent rotating convection controls many observed features of
stars and planets, such as magnetic fields, atmospheric jets and
emitted heat flux patterns16
. It has long been argued that the influ-
ence of rotation on turbulent convection dynamics is governed by
the ratio of the relevant global-scale forces: the Coriolis force and
the buoyancy force712
. Here, however, we present results from
laboratory and numerical experiments which exhibit transitions
between rotationally dominated and non-rotating behaviour that
are not determined by this global force balance. Instead, the trans-
ition is controlled by the relative thicknesses of the thermal (non-


Source: Aurnou, Jonathan - Department of Earth and Space Sciences, University of California at Los Angeles


Collections: Geosciences