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New s a Nd views nitrosylation is determined and how nitrosyla-

Summary: New s a Nd views
nitrosylation is determined and how nitrosyla-
tion-based signals are propagated. Nitric
oxide synthases bind substrates, which they
S-nitrosylate. Nitrosylation of proteins induces
protein­protein interactions that subserve tar-
geted transnitrosylation of new substrates. In
turn, newly nitrosylated proteins are thereby
subject to allosteric regulation and may also be
enabled to function as nitrosylases, propagat-
ing the nitric oxide-based signal. The analogy
to phosphorylation is direct: post-translational
modification regulates protein function and
in particular protein­protein interactions so
as to propagate a signal through downstream
post-translational modification. Furthermore,
the disparity between the mere trio of NOS
enzymes and the large sets of protein kinases
(and ubiquitin E3 ligases) is resolved by the
huge number of combinatorial possibilities


Source: Apodaca, Gerard - Departments of Medicine & Cell Biology and Physiology, University of Pittsburgh


Collections: Biology and Medicine