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Centrifuge: Integrated Lease Management and Partitioning for Cloud Services

Summary: Centrifuge: Integrated Lease Management and Partitioning
for Cloud Services
Atul Adya
, John Dunagan
, Alec Wolman

Microsoft Research
Abstract: Making cloud services responsive is critical
to providing a compelling user experience. Many large-
scale sites, including LinkedIn, Digg and Facebook, ad-
dress this need by deploying pools of servers that oper-
ate purely on in-memory state. Unfortunately, current
technologies for partitioning requests across these in-
memory server pools, such as network load balancers,
lead to a frustrating programming model where requests
for the same state may arrive at different servers. Leases
are a well-known technique that can provide a better pro-
gramming model by assigning each piece of state to a
single server. However, in-memory server pools host an


Source: Adya, Atul - Google Labs
Narasayya, Vivek - Data Management, Exploration and Mining Group, Microsoft Research


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences