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Project 110 points total Check the webpage (and Eagle) for due dates.

Summary: Project 110 points total
Check the webpage (and Eagle) for due dates.
1. Proposal (15 points): Two page problem introduction (with references). Turn in a
hard copy in class and submit a copy via eagle.
2. Elevator Speech (10 points): a three minute verbal presentation of your proposal.
3. Experimental Results (70 points): This consists of two parts. The code and the
write up. The writeup will consist of the introduction to the problem, a
description of your experiment, and the results. The writeup should be no longer
than five pages. Submit a copy via eagle.
4. Presentation (15 points) You will present your results during the final
examination period. Plan on about a ten minute time period (and about 6 power
point slides) with five minutes for questions. You may want to demonstrate your
program. See the presentation grading guide so you know how it will be graded.
Introduction to Project
As we study various subjects in class, find an area (discussed in one of the chapters in the
book) in which you think you could add to the current research. Selecting the area is
probably the most important part of the project. If you can find something you have
some ideas about, the rest will be much easier.
Proposal (Due March 4th


Source: Allan, Vicki H. - Department of Computer Science, Utah State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences