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A TopDown Look at a Secure Message Martn Abadi 1 , Cedric Fournet 2 , and Georges Gonthier 3#

Summary: A Top­Down Look at a Secure Message
Mart’n Abadi 1 , C’edric Fournet 2 , and Georges Gonthier 3#
1 Bell Labs Research, Lucent Technologies
2 Microsoft Research
3 INRIA Rocquencourt
Abstract. In ongoing work, we are investigating the design of secure
distributed implementations of high­level process calculi (in particular,
of the join­calculus). We formulate implementations as translations to
lower­level languages with cryptographic primitives. Cryptographic pro­
tocols are essential components of those translations. In this paper we
discuss basic cryptographic protocols for transmitting a single datum
from one site to another. We explain some su#cient correctness condi­
tions for these protocols. As an example, we present a simple protocol
and a proof of its correctness.
1 Introduction
In the last few years, the scope of security protocols has grown, and so has their
complexity. In addition to basic functions such as authentication and key es­
tablishment, recent protocols sometimes support elaborate transactions. They
may comprise preliminary negotiations, where the parties discuss their prefer­
ences and expectations, and layers for application records and for error messages


Source: Abadi, Martín - Department of Computer Science, University of California at Santa Cruz


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences