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V. P/) . 7Fra/ ! Cf 104 (2003) 3 (5)EDP Sciences, Les Ulis

Summary: V. P/) . 7Fra/ ! Cf 104 (2003) 3
(5)EDP Sciences, Les Ulis
D01: 10.1051/jp4:200300017
Scanning transmission X-ray microscopy at a bending magnet
beamline at the Advanced Light Source
H. Ade', A. L. D. Kilcoyne', T. Tyliszczak2 3, P. H ! tchcock, E. Anderson4,
B. Harteneck4, E. G. Rightor5, G. E. Mitchell5, A. P. Hitchcock3 and T. Warwick
'DepartmentofPhysics, Noffh Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina 27695, L/.S.A.
2 Advanced Light Source, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, Califomia 94720,
3 Brockhouse Institute of Materials Research, McMasfer University, Hamilton, Ontario L8S 4M1,
4 CenferbrX-RayOpf/cs, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California 94720,
5 Dow Chemical, 897B/dg., M/d/and, M/48667, U.S. A.
Abstract. During the last two décades,scanningtransmissionx-ray microscopy(STXM) has evolvedinto a
powerful characterixationtool. For bestperformance,STXM's are locatedat undulatorsourcesat synchrotron
facilities.The scarcityandexpenseof undulatorsourcesandassociatedbeamlineslimits the numberof available
STXMs.We havesuccessfullyre-examinedtheuseof bendingmagnetsasasourcefor aSTXM andimplementeda
interferometercontrolledSTXM with excellentperformanceat thebeamline5. 3.2. at theAdvancedLight Source.


Source: Ade, Harald W.- Department of Physics, North Carolina State University


Collections: Physics