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Hindawi Publishing Corporation Advances in Materials Science and Engineering

Summary: Hindawi Publishing Corporation
Advances in Materials Science and Engineering
Volume 2010, Article ID 681574, 15 pages
Research Article
A Phenomenological Study on the Synergistic Role of
Precious Metals and the Support in the Steam Reforming of
Logistic Fuels on Monometal Supported Catalysts
Abdul-Majeed Azad and Desikan Sundararajan
Chemical Engineering Department, The University of Toledo, 2801 W. Bancroft St., Toledo, OH 43606-3390, USA
Correspondence should be addressed to Abdul-Majeed Azad, abdul-majeed.azad@utoledo.edu
Received 30 January 2010; Accepted 8 May 2010
Academic Editor: Markku Leskela
Copyright 2010 A.-M. Azad and D. Sundararajan. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons
Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is
properly cited.
Clean power source utilizing vast logistic fuel reserves (jet fuels, diesel, and coal) would be the main driver in the 21st century
for high efficiency. Fuel processors are required to convert these fuels into hydrogen-rich reformate for extended periods in the
presence of sulfur, and deliver hydrogen with little or no sulfur to the fuel cell stack. However, the jet and other logistic fuels are
invariably sulfur-laden. Sulfur poisons and deactivates the reforming catalyst and therefore, to facilitate continuous uninterrupted


Source: Azad, Abdul-Majeed - Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, University of Toledo


Collections: Materials Science; Energy Storage, Conversion and Utilization