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Computer Science 154 Spring 2002

Summary: Computer Science 154
Spring 2002
Instructor: Professor R. Alperin, alperin@mathcs.sjsu.edu
Office: Duncan 239, Telephone: 924-5066, Office Hours: 3-4 M, 5:30-6:30 W
Text: Introduction to Languages and the Theory of Computation by John. C.
Martin, McGraw-Hill, 2nd edition
Course: Formal Languages and Computability
The main goal of this class is to introduce the students to the theoret-
ical foundations of computer science, specifically the ideas of the theory of
automata, formal languages and computability. The prerequisite is Math 42
with a grade of C or better.
Your final grade is based on a 350 point total on tests. Students must
prepare a notebook of homework assignments which will be collected as an-
nounced. Hints and partial suggestions for solutions to homework can be
found in the materials on reserve in the library. It is your responsibility to
give complete solutions.
Part 1: Mathematical Preliminaries (1) :
Chapter 1: 45, 49, 50;
Chapter 2: 41, 42
Part 2: Regular Languages (11) :


Source: Alperin, Roger C. - Department of Mathematics, San Jose State University


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