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AguaClara: Innovative Models for Innovative Technology October 7, 2011

Summary: AguaClara: Innovative Models for Innovative Technology
October 7, 2011
Monroe Weber-Shirk
I've been in continued conversation with David Dieterich, Frank DiSalvo, and AguaClara Advisory
Council members since the luncheon meeting. The luncheon meeting provided a great opportunity to hear
from a diverse spectrum of perspectives. The primary challenge that we face is that AguaClara has grown
to a level of sophistication and network building that it is difficult to capture the essential novel features
of the AguaClara program in a single meeting. This leaves participants in the meeting with the
disadvantage that they are responding without having access to the larger perspective. Nonetheless, the
luncheon and the following AguaClara Advisory Council meeting served a useful function in identifying
the need to retain our focus on improving the suite of AguaClara technologies with our
Research/Invent/Design/Empower (RIDE) program at Cornell, developing a dissemination plan that
includes a revenue stream for sustainable support of that dissemination (AguaClara Design Engineer -
Program assistanT or ADEPT), and building a network that will continue to foster innovation and
knowledge sharing. These three pillars of the AguaClara program (RIDE, ADEPT, AguaClara Network)
form the core of the AguaClara innovation model and we expect that this model will foster many more
innovations in the coming decade as well as the widespread adoption of the AguaClara technologies.
Thanks for helping to organize the luncheon.
Best regards,
Monroe Weber-Shirk


Source: Angenent, Lars T. - Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University


Collections: Renewable Energy; Engineering