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Inter-protocol fairness between TCP New Reno and TCP Westwood+

Summary: Inter-protocol fairness between
TCP New Reno and TCP Westwood+
Niels M¨oller, Chadi Barakat, Konstantin Avrachenkov, and Eitan Altman
KTH, School of Electrical Engineering
SE-100 44, Sweden
Email: niels@ee.kth.se
2004 route des Lucioles, 06902 Sophia Antipolis, France
Email: {Chadi.Barakat|k.avrachenkov|Eitan.Altman}@sophia.inria.fr
Abstract-- In this paper we investigate the effect of introducing
TCP Westwood+ on regular TCP New Reno. By means of
analytical modeling and ns-2 simulations, we demonstrate that
the two protocols get different shares of the available bandwidth
in the network. Our main result is that the bandwidth sharing
between the two protocols depends on one crucial parameter: the
ratio between the bottleneck router buffer size and the bandwidth
delay product. If the ratio is smaller than one, TCP Westwood+
takes more bandwidth. On the contrary, if the ratio is greater
than one, it is TCP New Reno which gets the larger part. Inspired
by our results, we propose a simple modification to the window


Source: Avrachenkov, Konstantin - INRIA Sophia Antipolis


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences