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TRANSITIONING TO CLERKSHIPS: 2 Seniors share their strategy

2 Seniors share their strategy
Because the shift from lab work to being a Med Student again can prove challenging for students, a Clerkship Transition Committee was
recently created. Their purpose is to answer questions, provide guidance. We decided to ask them a few pertinent questions when it comes to
MSTPs and the return to the third and fourth year of medical school. What emerged from this "email interview" are suggestions and practical
advice that I hope will give MD/PhD students some helpful ideas during their transition back to the wards.
What time of the year is optimal for an MD/PhD to transition to the wards?
Mark: The earlier you return, the better, in the sense that an early return allows for more time for electives. Electives help you figure out what
clinical path suits you best and serve as good opportunities to acquire letters of recommendation for residency applications. With that in mind,
anytime of the year would be an acceptable return time, up until September or October. Returning later than that severely reduces elective time
and would not be advisable unless you are certain of what clinical discipline you want prior to your return.
Kori: Going back really depends on if the person knows what they want to do or
not. Make sure you have enough time as we're only funded for 4 semesters then
med school is out of pocket. You want to have enough time to finish the required
clerkships (peds, surgery, obgyn, medicine, family) by the end of 3rd year or the
following summer. Neurology is not required to do away rotations or to take Step
2 but it is helpful. Acute care/geriatrics is not necessary and should be kept until
the end since it is not required for anything besides graduation and doesn't really
help with transitioning back to clerkships. I wish I would have done it last. The
surgery selectives can be saved for the end as they again are only required for


Source: Acton, Scott - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Virginia


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