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Benjamin Costantino-8/13/04 Typhoon Guide For HRP Antibody

Summary: Benjamin Costantino-8/13/04
Typhoon Guide For HRP Antibody
Membrane Preparation
TURN LASER ON NOW! Needs a 10min warmup.
Use 1:40 (Solution A:Solution B) of ECL detection Kit. 1 2ml would be fine for
our typical 8cm x 4cm membrane. (mix solutions by inversion)
4mls of Sol `A' and 100ul of Sol. `B'
Remove membrane and gently drain off TPBS by touching corner of membrane
with Kim-Wipe
Place membrane, protein side up, in separate tray and add ECL solution to cover
the entire membrane. Cover tray with foil and incubate for 2min. room temp.
Meanwhile, clean glass of Typhoon
Place membrane on glass protein side down at ~D-I/1-4 . Make sure there are no
marks on the glass.
Pour some solution at the corners of the membrane to keep it wet.
Computer Section
Bring up SCANNER program
Go to New
Under Acquisition Mode select Florescence under the drop down and click Setup


Source: Andres, Andrew - School of Life Sciences, University of Nevada at Las Vegas


Collections: Biology and Medicine