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National Center for Smart Growth Research and Education Report

Summary: National Center for Smart Growth
Research and Education Report
A Review of GSA Leasing in the Greater Washington Metropolitan Region
the U.S. Census Bureau, more than one quarter of the region's federal
workforce resides in Prince George's County (25.7 percent). By
comparison, Arlington County is home to 7.1 percent of the region's
federal workforce, and Alexandria houses only 4.2 percent of the
federal workforce.
The first and most basic comparison we have made is with respect to
initial review indicates that Prince George's has a disproportionately
limited share of GSA leases. Despite having 32.7 percent of the
region's land area and 22.5 percent of the population, Prince George's
County's 77 leases represent only 10.1 percent of the region's total
number of GSA leases.
On a per capita basis across the entire region, there are 4,883 people
per GSA lease. In Alexandria there is one lease for every 2,795 people,
while Arlington County has one lease for every 1,350 residents.
Northern Virginia collectively carries a relatively proportionate


Source: Anisimov, Mikhail - Institute for Physical Science and Technology & Department of Chemical Engineering and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Maryland at College Park


Collections: Physics; Materials Science