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FORMS & INSTRUCTIONS for Paper Submission of your Doctoral Dissertation or Master's Thesis Important Notes

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FORMS & INSTRUCTIONS for Paper Submission of your Doctoral Dissertation or Master's Thesis
Important Notes
ˇ If you are reading this, your institution does NOT participate in our online submission service. That means you will provide your
submission package to your graduate school or other designated office, and they will deliver it on to us.
ˇ Your university and/or library may have specific policies regarding dissemination of, and access to your dissertation. You should
understand your institution's policies clearly before you complete the ProQuest/UMI forms and submit your dissertation.
ˇ You own and retain copyright to your dissertation. ProQuest/UMI only acquires a non-exclusive right to distribute your work according to
options you choose.
ˇ Most universities hold all submitted dissertations and theses until the end of the semester or quarter, then deliver them to us all at once.
Once your manuscript actually arrives at ProQuest/UMI, another 6 to 10 weeks are required for processing.
ˇ You can increase the chances of a speedy publishing process by following all instructions, guidelines, and requirements precisely. Use the
Submission Checklist. And if you have any questions, call our Author Relations Team at (800) 521-0600 ext. 7020.
UMIŽ Publishing Agreement
Read and understand the UMIŽ Publishing Agreement. This
agreement grants ProQuest/UMI the right to reproduce and
disseminate your work according to the choices you make. This is a
non-exclusive right; you may grant others the right to use your
dissertation or thesis as well. You retain your copyright.
Choose your publishing option, Open Access publishing or


Source: Adolphs, Ralph - Psychology and Neuroscience, California Institute of Technology
Fashing, Norman - Department of Biology, College of William and Mary
Lammers, Peter J. - Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, New Mexico State University


Collections: Biology and Medicine; Environmental Sciences and Ecology