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Proceedingsof the 37th IEEE TA01 1O:OO Conference on Decision & Control

Summary: Proceedingsof the 37th IEEE TA01 1O:OO
Conference on Decision & Control
Tampa, FloridaUSA December 1998
Programmable Timed Petri Nets in the Analysis and
Design of Hybrid Control Systems'
S.D. Koutsoukos, P.J. Antsaklis. K.X. He, and M.D. Lemmon
Department of Electrical Engineering
University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, IN 46556
In this paper, a class of timed Petri nets, named pro-
grammable timed Petri nets is used to model and study
switched hybrid systems. Supervisory control of a hy-
brid system in which the continuous state is transfered
to a region of the state space in a way that respects
safety specifications on the plant's discrete and contin-
uous dynamics is examined. The approach is illustrated
using a power system example.
1 Introduction


Source: Antsaklis, Panos - Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Notre Dame


Collections: Engineering