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Effective medium theory for disordered two-dimensional graphene Enrico Rossi, S. Adam, and S. Das Sarma

Summary: Effective medium theory for disordered two-dimensional graphene
Enrico Rossi, S. Adam, and S. Das Sarma
Condensed Matter Theory Center, Department of Physics, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland 20742, USA
Received 4 March 2009; revised manuscript received 18 May 2009; published 19 June 2009
We develop an effective medium theory to study the electrical transport properties of disordered graphene.
The theory includes nonlinear screening and exchange-correlation effects allowing us to consider experimen-
tally relevant strengths of the Coulomb interaction. Assuming random Coulomb impurities, we calculate the
electrical conductivity as a function of gate voltage describing quantitatively the full cross over from the
fluctuations dominated regime around the Dirac point to the large doping regime at high gate voltages. We find
that the conductivity at the Dirac point is strongly affected by exchange-correlation effects.
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.79.245423 PACS number s : 72.10. d, 73.40. c, 81.05.Uw
Since the experimental realization of graphene13
problem of understanding the electronic conductivity of
graphene has generated a large experimental and theoretical
effort, given its fundamental importance and its technologi-
cal relevance. The unusual transport properties of graphene1
arise mostly from its "Dirac spectrum"--a linear zero-gap
dispersion relation of chiral fermion carriers electrons and


Source: Adam, Shaffique - Condensed Matter Theory Center, University of Maryland at College Park
Rossi, Enrico - Department of Physics, College of William and Mary


Collections: Materials Science; Physics