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Neuron, Volume 56 Supplemental Data

Summary: 1
Neuron, Volume 56
Supplemental Data
Posterior Parietal Cortex Encodes
Autonomously Selected Motor Plans
He Cui and Richard A. Andersen
Figure S1. Neural activity of single LIP (top) and PRR (bottom) cells during trials in
which the monkey was instructed to make a saccade (red) and reach (green). Spike trains
were aligned to the cue onset. The peri-stimulus time histograms (PSTH) were smoothed
using a Gaussian kernel (s.d. = 50 ms) and its thickness represents the standard error (+/-
s.e.m.) calculated with the bootstrap method.
Figure S2. Comparison of activity between saccade and reach delay-instruted trials for
the entire population of LIP (left panels) and PRR (right panels) cells. A to D represent
four consecutive time intervals: cue duration (0-0.6 second after cue onset), early delay
(0-0.3 second after cue off), late delay (0.3-0.6 second after cue off) and post-GO (0-0.1
second after GO signal - central fixation off). Similar to effector choice trials, both LIP
and PRR showed similar activity during the ambiguous cue period (p > 0.1 for both LIP
and PRR). After the effector was specified, most PRR cells fired stronger if the monkeys
were cued to reach, similar to the effector choice trials (p < 10-11
for all three period).


Source: Andersen, Richard - Division of Biology, California Institute of Technology


Collections: Biology and Medicine