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February 16, 2010 19:39 Atlantis Press Book -9.75in x 6.5in bookDaRuan2 A Many-Valued Temporal Logic and Reasoning

Summary: February 16, 2010 19:39 Atlantis Press Book - 9.75in x 6.5in bookDaRuan2
Chapter 5
A Many-Valued Temporal Logic and Reasoning
Framework for Decision Making
Zhirui Lu, Jun Liu, Juan C. Augusto, and Hui Wang
School of Mathematic and Computing, University of Ulster at Jordanstown,
Newtownabbey, BT37 0QB, Northern Ireland, UK
E-mail: Lu-Z1@email.ulster.ac.uk, {j.liu, jc.augusto, h.wang}@ulster.ac.uk
Temporality and uncertainty are important features of real world systems where the state
of a system evolves over time and the transition through states depends on uncertain con-
ditions. Examples of such application areas where these concepts matter are smart home
systems, disaster management, and robot control etc. Solving problems in such areas usu-
ally requires the use of formal mechanisms such as logic systems, statistical methods and
other reasoning and decision-making methods. In this chapter, we extend a previously pro-
posed temporal reasoning framework to enable the management of uncertainty based on a
many-valued logic. We prove that this new many-valued temporal propositional logic sys-
tem is sound and complete. We also provide extended reasoning algorithms that can now
handle both temporality and uncertainty in an integrated way. We illustrate the framework
through a simple but realistic scenario in a smart home application.
5.1 Introduction


Source: Augusto, Juan Carlos - School of Computing and Mathematics, University of Ulster at Jordanstown


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences