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Design and Implementation of a Routing Control Platform Matthew Caesar

Summary: Design and Implementation of a Routing Control Platform
Matthew Caesar
UC Berkeley
Donald Caldwell
AT&T Labs-Research
Nick Feamster
Jennifer Rexford
Princeton University
Aman Shaikh
AT&T Labs-Research
Jacobus van der Merwe
AT&T Labs-Research
The routers in an Autonomous System (AS) must dis-
tribute the information they learn about how to reach ex-
ternal destinations. Unfortunately, today's internal Bor-
der Gateway Protocol (iBGP) architectures have serious
problems: a "full mesh" iBGP configuration does not
scale to large networks and "route reflection" can in-


Source: Akella, Aditya - Department of Computer Sciences, University of Wisconsin at Madison
Feamster, Nick - College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Networks and Mobile Systems Group
Rexford, Jennifer - Department of Computer Science, Princeton University
van der Merwe, Kobus - Networking Research Department, AT&T Labs-Research


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences