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Basic Computer Skills Ziheng Yang, 2010

Summary: Basic Computer Skills
Ziheng Yang, 2010

Many programs in molecular phylogenetics and population genetics are commandline programs. The best
way to run such a program is to type the name of the program from the command line. Also you need know a
few important Windows/unix commands to use the command line effectively.

To start a "Command Prompt" on windows, go to "Start ­ Programs ­ Accessories ­ Command Prompt".
Alternatively, choose "Start ­ Run" and type the command cmd and hit OK. You can right click on the title bar
of the window to change the font, colour, size etc. In the Options ­ Edit Options, tick QuickEdit Mode and
Insert Mode, so that it is easy to select and copy in the command window.

The following exercise assumes that you have downloaded and expanded the paml package to the paml folder
on the C: drive, but you can change the command accordingly if you placed it elsewhere.

Most important DOS/Windows commands
cd change directory move to a specific folder
cmd start a new command shell
color change colors of the command window
copy copy one or more files to another location


Source: Anisimova, Maria - Institute of Scientific Computing, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETHZ)


Collections: Biology and Medicine