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ACI Committee Meeting Minutes December 13, 2005

Summary: ACI Committee Meeting Minutes
December 13, 2005
Attendees: Eve Riskin (Chair), Jim Borgford-Parnell (CELT), Lucien Brush (MSE), Carl Ebeling (CSE), Rick
Gustafson (PSE), Brad Holt (CHEM E), Don Janssen (CEE), John Kramlich (ME), Uy-Loi Ly (AA), Richard Storch
(IND E), Eric Stuve (CHEM E), Ming-Ting Sun (EE), Janice Henderson (CoE)
Absent: Tom Horbett (BIO), Karen Kasonic (TC)
Guests: Susan Mosborg (CELT) and Kofi Weusijana (UW Life Center)
Informal Needs Assessment
CELT and the UW Center for Learning in Informal and Formal Environments (LIFE) are seeking interviewees for
informal needs assessment. They will be sending an email to the engineering departments to gather information about
what's succeeding and what's not. Their goals are to develop students who are adaptive experts, develop software
tools, and gather impressions of how co-ops affect students' experience and conception. Web sites for LIFE:
http://depts.washington.edu/coe/faculty/research_centers/cenforlife.html and http://life-slc.org/
ABET Questions on the Instructor Evaluations
The Instructional Assessment Office will change questions number 3 and 8, on the evaluation forms for the CoE, to
match ABET's new/revised Criterion 3 (c) and (h) program outcomes and assessment. The evaluation forms will be
changed effective Winter 2006.
Course Modification Form
A more appropriate name for this form is "Before and End Report Form". The form should be put on-line. Eve is still
designing the form and should have it ready next month.


Source: Anderson, Richard - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington at Seattle


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences