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University of Regina Faculty of Business Administration

Summary: University of Regina
Faculty of Business Administration
BUS 363 (Organization Analysis)
Winter 2012
Instructor: Adrian H. Pitariu, PhD Lecture Location: ED 621
Phone: 337-8486
Office: ED524.4 Lecture Days/Time: T/Th: 14:30 15:45
Email: adrian.pitariu@uregina.ca
Office Hours: T-Th: after class or by appointment
Readings for this course will be posted on the URCourses course website. Students are expected to download
and thoroughly read all the assigned readings.
The purpose of this course is to enhance your ability to take effective action in complex organizational
settings. It will provide you with the analytic tools needed to analyze, manage, and lead the organizations of the
future, and give you the opportunity to test and enhance your ability to use those tools through cases,
simulations, and class discussions. This course is therefore a demanding one that stretches from individual skills
to the analysis of complex international organizations and their environments. It emphasizes the importance of
the organizational context in influencing which individual styles and skills are effective.


Source: Argerami, Martin - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Regina


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