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138 Robert P. Adams Juniperus communis L. rev 2/2011

Summary: 138 Robert P. Adams
Juniperus communis L. rev 2/2011
A study of Arctic populations of J. communis (Adams et al., 2003), revealed (Figure 5.4) that these
Arctic populations clustered by continent with the populations in Greenland and Iceland showing the
highest affinities to populations from Europe, not those from North American. The North American
populations were all J. c. var. depressa, whereas the eastern hemisphere populations included J. c. var.
communis (CC), J. c. var. saxatilis (GR, IC, SW, UR, KA). Adams et al. (2003) concluded that the post-
Pleistocene populations on Greenland and Iceland came from Europe and not North America.
Figure 5.4. Minimum spanning
network showing that all the
North American J. communis
populations link together and all
the J. communis populations from
the e. hemisphere link together.
Analysis of the currently named
Juniperus communis varieties (Adams
and Pandey, 2003), resolved these
taxa (Fig. 5.5) into six major groups:
J. communis from Europe and central
Asia (J. communis L. var. communis, J. c.


Source: Adams, Robert P. - Department of Biology, Baylor University


Collections: Biology and Medicine