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Web Information Extraction and User Modeling: Towards Closing the Gap Eugene Agichtein

Summary: Web Information Extraction and User Modeling: Towards Closing the Gap
Eugene Agichtein
Mathematics and Computer Science Department
Emory University
Web search engines have become the primary method of accessing information on the web. Billions of
queries are submitted to major web search engines, reflecting a wide range of information needs. While
significant progress has been made on improving the relevance of the results, web search process often
remains a frustrating experience. At the same time, web information extraction has seen tremendous
progress, such that knowledge bases of millions of facts extracted from the web are now a reality. Yet
it is not clear how effectively these knowledge bases support common user information needs. We posit
that a key for web information extraction to significantly impact the web search experience is to connect
the extraction process with user modeling, particularly with automatic methods for inferring user in-
formation needs and anticipated interaction patterns. In this paper we overview some recent efforts for
user modeling and inferring user preferences in the context of closing the gap between web information
extraction and user modeling.
1 Introduction
The ultimate goal of web search is to provide answers for user information needs where the answers may be
documents, lists of items for sale, lists of structured objects, or even multi-document summaries. According


Source: Agichtein, Eugene - Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Emory University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences