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Dear Friends -A memorable year for our family as well as the nation. Travels

Summary: Dear Friends -
A memorable year for our family as well as the nation. Travels
took us far and wide: from New Year's Day on New Zealand's lovely
South Island (see ill.), on to Australia in search of koalas, kangaroos
and spiny anteaters; a summer odyssey to the Biblical sites of Israel,
then on to a stomach-wrenching stay in India, where Alice taught at
the Infosys campus; a stopover in gai Paris, and a late summer
visit to Cape Cod and New York.
Alice was as usual supremely busy this year, continuing her
work on sustainable engineering. Busily working on the engineering pathway educational digital library.
Proud to be helping the Pomo Nation with sustainable housing. Leading the family along on her various
business trips to India, Israel, Woods Hole, and hopefully Saudi Arabia, where she is trying to get us visas
to visit King Abdullah's new science & technology university and the Dar Al-Hekma university for women
(we'll see whether that happens!).
Dale's "Marijuana Medical Handbook" was published this autumn, just in time for a hopefully pending
boom in cannabis medicine. Traveled to Vancouver to testify to the UN NGO regional consultation on
drugs, eked out a hard-fought moral victory (call it a Pyrrhic loss) in Mendocino County's Measure B ballot
campaign; celebrated his 40th Class Reunion at Harvard, - yes, it really has been that long - and shared
reminiscences at the 50th anniversary of the U. of Cincinnati Computing Center.
Arianne settling in for her second year at Smith. She has declared her major in neuroscience,


Source: Agogino, Alice M. - Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of California at Berkeley


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