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10.1117/2.1200803.1021 An integrated software

Summary: 10.1117/2.1200803.1021
An integrated software
environment for distributed
systems development
Jeannie Albrecht, Ryan Braud, Charles Killian,
Priya Mahadevan, Kashi Vishwanath, and Amin Vahdat
New tools simplify many tasks associated with designing, managing,
and evaluating computer programs that run on thousands of computers
As the number and diversity of Internet users continue to
increase, Internet-based services--such as search engines and
news websites--require more computing power in remote loca-
tions to satisfy user demand. Rather than hosting these services
on a single centrally located server, companies are beginning
to distribute the computing workload across thousands of
servers worldwide. These distributed systems offer a number
of advantages, including improved reliability and performance.
However, designing and implementing a program that simulta-
neously runs on thousands of computers also introduces many
new challenges to software developers, such as maintaining con-


Source: Albrecht, Jeannie - Computer Science Department, Williams College


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences