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ITR/ACS: Simulation Flows with Dynamic Interfaces on MultiTeraflop Computers

Summary: ITR/ACS: Simulation Flows with Dynamic Interfaces on
Multi­Teraflop Computers
Guy Blelloch, Omar Ghattas, Gary Miller, Noel
J. Walkington
Carnegie Mellon University
James Antaki, Bartley Griffith, Marina Kameneva
Robert Kormos, William Wagner, ZhongJun Wu
McGowan Center for Artificial Organ Development, University Pittsburgh Medical Center
George Turkiyyah
University Washington
We propose develop advanced parallel geometric numerical algorithms and software for
simulating complex flows with dynamic interfaces. The development scalable, parallel high­
accuracy algorithms simulating such flows poses enormous challenges, particularly systems
with thousands processors. Wewill the resulting tools simulate blood flow artificial heart
devices. This application provides excellent testbed the methods develop: simulation­
based artificial organ design extremely computationally challenging and
of critical societal
importance. Flows with dynamic interfaces arise many fluid­solid and fluid­fluid interaction problems, are
among the most difficult computational problems continuum mechanics. Examples abound the


Source: Antaki, James F. - Department of Biomedical Engineering & School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University


Collections: Engineering; Biology and Medicine