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Commutative Set: A Language Extension for Implicit Parallel Programming

Summary: Commutative Set: A Language Extension
for Implicit Parallel Programming
Prakash Prabhu Soumyadeep Ghosh Yun Zhang Nick P. Johnson David I. August
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ
{pprabhu, soumyade, yunzhang, npjohnso, august}@princeton.edu
Sequential programming models express a total program order, of
which a partial order must be respected. This inhibits paralleliz-
ing tools from extracting scalable performance. Programmer writ-
ten semantic commutativity assertions provide a natural way of
relaxing this partial order, thereby exposing parallelism implic-
itly in a program. Existing implicit parallel programming mod-
els based on semantic commutativity either require additional pro-
gramming extensions, or have limited expressiveness. This paper
presents a generalized semantic commutativity based programming
extension, called Commutative Set (COMMSET), and associated
compiler technology that enables multiple forms of parallelism.
COMMSET expressions are syntactically succinct and enable the
programmer to specify commutativity relations between groups of


Source: August, David - Department of Computer Science, Princeton University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences