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Oxford Cryostat Setup and Operations Manual

Summary: Oxford Cryostat Setup and
Operations Manual
Appelbaum Lab
Preparing the Materials
Setting up and running the Oxford requires a large supply of liquid He, liquid N2,
and He gas. You will need a 160 L liquid N2 Dewar, a 100 L liquid He Dewar, and a
He gas tank with ~2500 lbs of pressure before beginning the following procedure.
Running out once the process is underway can jeopardize the entire procedure.
Depending on the length of the experiment underway, the Dewars may require
refilling. See the usage table below to estimate your requirements.
President Obama checks out the Oxford setup
Liquid He and N2 usage (approximate)
Wiring from Power Source
Connect all wiring from the magnet power supply, level meter, and temperature
controller, so that the connections don't freeze as liquid N2 and He is being
transferred into the Oxford. A schematic drawing for wiring can be found in
section 9 of the Oxford operating manual. We operate the needle valve on the
Oxford manually, so the motor control device should be removed and the needle
valve should be closed.
Removal of the needle valve control motor (Blue rubber covering) allows manual operation


Source: Appelbaum, Ian - Department of Physics, University of Maryland at College Park


Collections: Engineering; Materials Science