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Flexible and Scalable CostBased Query Planning in Mediators: A Transformational

Summary: Flexible and Scalable Cost­Based Query
Planning in Mediators: A Transformational
Jos'e Luis Ambite & Craig A. Knoblock
Information Sciences Institute and Department of Computer Science
University of Southern California
4676 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, CA 90292, USA
The Internet provides access to a wealth of information. For any given topic or
application domain there are a variety of available information sources. However,
current systems, such as search engines or topic directories in the World Wide
Web, offer only very limited capabilities for locating, combining, and organizing
information. Mediators, systems that provide integrated access and database­like
query capabilities to information distributed over heterogeneous sources, are critical
to realize the full potential of meaningful access to networked information.
Query planning, the task of generating a cost­efficient plan that computes a user
query from the relevant information sources, is central to mediator systems. How­
ever, query planning is a computationally hard problem due to the large number of
possible sources and possible orderings on the operations to process the data. More­
over, the choice of sources, data processing operations, and their ordering, strongly


Source: Ambite, José Luis - Information Sciences Institute & Department of Computer Science, University of Southern California


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences