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Automatica 35 (1999) 1891 Special issue on control methods for communication

Summary: Automatica 35 (1999) 1891
Special issue on control methods for communication
networks * introduction
The papers in this special issue cover a wide range of
problems of current interest in communications network-
ing with the common thread being a focus on control and
optimization issues. Most of the papers have a tutorial
#avor. The problem areas covered include
(1) the tradeo! between "delity of communicated in-
formation and the required bit rate;
(2) admission control to decide when a request to set up
a session demanding a particular QoS (quality of
service) can be honored;
(3) congestion control to ensure the QoS guarantees
are met or that fairness is maintained among the
admitted sessions; and
(4) methods to achieve QoS through scheduling and
resource allocation.
For (1) we have the paper of Francis and Dasgupta. This


Source: Anantharam, Venkat - Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, University of California at Berkeley


Collections: Engineering