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Meteorological Data recorded at Armagh Observatory: Vol 2 -Daily, Mean Monthly,

Summary: Meteorological Data recorded at Armagh
Observatory: Vol 2 - Daily, Mean Monthly,
Seasonal and Annual, Maximum and Minimum
Temperatures, 1844-2004
C.J. Butler, A. M. GarcŽia-SuŽarez, A. D. S. Coughlin and D. Cardwell
Armagh Observatory, College Hill, Armagh BT61 9DG, N. Ireland
1 Introduction
At Armagh Observatory, daily readings of air temperature and pressure started in
1795, to be joined in 1838 by wet and dry temperatures and rainfall. During the late
18th and early 19th centuries, maximum and minimum thermometers were developed
and came into general use (Knowles Middleton, 1966). The principal advantage that
these new instruments bestowed was that readings were relatively insensitive to the
time of observation as the extrema in temperature normally occurred at times well
removed from the observation time. Also, it was only necessary to read them once per
day whereas to determine a mean temperature from simple thermometers required a
minimum of two readings daily which must be equally spaced throughout the 24 hour
day. Observations of maximum and minimum temperatures at Armagh commenced
in August 1843 and have continued to the present day.
The raw maximum and minimum temperatures have been extracted from the
original Meteorological Record Books in the Observatory Archives (M117.2 Butler


Source: Armagh Observatory
Armagh Observatory Meteorology Databank


Collections: Geosciences; Physics