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Road Transport Informatics -Conceptual Framework and Technologica Components

Summary: Road Transport Informatics - Conceptual
Framework and Technologica Components
Dr. Techn. Mads NygHrd, The Norwegian Inst. of Techn.
Dr. Ing. Agnar Aamodt, The University of Trondheim
Sintef Delab
7034 Trondheim, Norway
Phone: +47 7 592979 Falx: 4-477 532586
Thispaper addresses an advanced utilization of informationtech-
nology within the road transport field. The main motivation for
our investigation is the synergeticeffect a genuine coupling of
the two fields will create. A major objective is to build a concep-
tual framework for road transport informatics in order to estab-
lish a common basis for researchers from both fields. Another
major objective is to identify and specify suitable mechanisms
for implementation of key system components. The main para-
digm for our work is always how mechanisms from the informa-
tion technology field can optimally support needs within road
1 Introduction


Source: Aamodt, Agnar - Department of Computer and Information Science, Norwegian University of Science and Technology


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences