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The equation of state algorithms used by the FRAM model Institute of Oceanographic Sciences,

Summary: The equation of state algorithms used by the FRAM model
Institute of Oceanographic Sciences,
Wormley, Godalming, Surrey GU8 5UB, U.K.
FRAM, the Fine Resolution Antarctic Model used two equations of state.
During the main run, the Eckart equation of state was used. During the
sea-ice run a scheme based on the international equation of state for
seawater (EOS80) was used. This report documents the two algorithms,
discusses their errors and compares their performance with other equation
of state algorithms.
[Note - at present the figures are missing from the electronic form of this
1.0 Introduction
FRAM, the UK Fine Resolution Antarctic Model, (Webb et al 1991) was based
on the Cox (1984) version of the Bryan-Cox-Semtner oceanic general
circulation model (Bryan 1969, Semtner 1974, Cox 1984).
This is usually classified as a primitive equation model because it uses
the full advection-diffusion equation for potential temperature and
salinity and a full horizontal momentum equation. During each timestep of


Source: Anderson, Tom - National Oceanography Centre Southampton


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology