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A Parallel Progressive Radiosity Algorithm Based on Patch Data Circulation 1

Summary: A Parallel Progressive Radiosity Algorithm
Based on Patch Data Circulation 1
Cevdet Aykanat, Tolga K. C¸ apin 2 , and B¨ulent ¨
Computer Engineering Department, Bilkent University
06533 Bilkent, Ankara, Turkey
Current research on radiosity has concentrated on increasing the accuracy and the speed of the
solution. Although algorithmic and meshing techniques decrease the execution time, still ex­
cessive computational power is required for complex scenes. Hence, parallelism can be exploited
for speeding up the method further. This paper aims at providing a thorough examination of
parallelism in the basic progressive refinement radiosity, and investigates its parallelization on
distributed--memory parallel architectures. A synchronous scheme, based on static task assign­
ment, is proposed to achieve better coherence for shooting patch selections. An efficient global
circulation scheme is proposed for the parallel light distribution computations, which reduces
the total volume of concurrent communication by an asymptotical factor. The proposed par­
allel algorithm is implemented on an Intel's iPSC/2 hypercube multicomputer. Load balance
qualities of the proposed static assignment schemes are evaluated experimentally. The effect
of coherence in the parallel light distribution computations on the shooting patch selection se­
quence is also investigated. Theoretical and experimental evaluation is also presented to verify


Source: Aykanat, Cevdet - Department of Computer Engineering, Bilkent University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences