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Lattice Boltzmann: a simulation strategy for fluids across scales

Summary: Lattice Boltzmann: a simulation strategy for
fluids across scales
Sauro Succi,
Istituto Applicazioni Calcolo, Mauro Picone,
viale del Policlinico 137, 00161, Roma, Italy
Research Affiliate, Physics Dept., Harvard University, Cambridge, USA
April 23, 2007
1 Abstract
In the recent years, the lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) has attracted consid-
erable attention as an alternative technique to solve complex fluid flows. The
main idea behind LBM is to simulate fluid dynamic behaviour via a mesoscopic
kinetic approach, in which all details of molecular motion are removed, except
those that are strictly needed to recover hydrodynamic behaviour at the macro-
scopic scale (mass, momentum and energy conservation). Within this kinetic
framework, macroscopic equations are not addressed directly, but rather ob-
tained as an emergent, large-scale limit of the microscopic dynamics of fictitious
particles, which can only move along with a small set of discrete velocities in a
regular lattice. The result is a very elegant equation (Lattice Boltzmann Equa-
tion - LBE), that simulates fluid transport phenomena by tracking the evolution


Source: Adler, Joan - Physics Department, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology


Collections: Physics